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Saturday, October 3, 2015

I found what I want for Christmas

They are ticketed at A$14,000.00 and now in the window at LaTrobe Antiques at the Grange in Brisbane. Thomas Chippendale's 'Director' has these girendoles illustrated. They aren't mid 18th century but the carving 'ice patterns' are most divine, the gilding is last century as is the old mirror work.

Friday, October 2, 2015

Hilaire Belloc's own writing box in the Urban_Archaelolgy Collection

Two pencil portraits in the Emma Belloc estate - those of Mr & Mrs Smith, by Ackermann of London

These two are encased in a tooled leather gate-fold case, under glass and were advertised and purchased a few years ago via Michael Allen's web page.
We have other cherished articles from the Hilaire Belloc estate.

Sharing another Georgian piece in the collection - William Rothery Esq., London "pitt club" badge

From a direct defendant of the famous catholic author - Hilaire Belloc. We have a copy of Miss Emma Belloc's eight page will detailing her jewellery and small effects when she lived at No. 49 Rowland Gardens, London. Her effects survived right down to her nieces who resided in Brisbane and when the last lady passed away a dealer friend purchased almost all of the estate.

The London Pitt Club badge to William Rothery Esq., is oval silver-gilt with a raised white enamel medallion on tinted ground glass, portrait by the famous Scotish gem engraver, James Tassie.
Originally issued to members at £1 16c. 6d., was supplied by Green and Ward of Ludgate Street.

Similar sold at the London Medal Company: product code LMC/2053 for £650.00

Purchased from Michael Allen Antiques, Brisbane - 2015.

Our jewellery collection is a living resource for ourselves and our commission clients

This item in the Urban_Archaeology Collection ticks all our interest boxes. Our research has shown the same piece sold in the UK, twice previously. 1) and 2) - Maker: Patrick Robertson. Edinburgh c1790.

A rare Georgian Scottish silver Helter Skelter Club Badge of plain oval form with tied ribbon and ring surmount, the face engraved with a crest of a heart with an arrow through it below the motto ‘Thus Far’. To Robt Campbell Original Member. The reverse with the instituted date 8th May 1790 and the initials D.W.B.C.

Further research on the Helter Skelter Club is supplied by Michael Allen:

Sir Walter Scott:  St Ronan’s Well (written c1823)
Thirdly, we may commemorate some ranting blades, who also came from the metropolis to visit Saint Ronan's, attracted by the humours of Meg, and still more by the excellence of her liquor, and the cheapness of her reckonings. These were members of the Helter Skelter Club, of the Wildfire Club, and other associations formed for the express purpose of getting rid of care and sobriety. Such dashers occasioned many a racket in Meg's house, and many a bourasque in Meg's temper. Various were the arts of flattery and violence by which they endeavoured to get supplies of liquor, when Meg's conscience told her they had had too much already. Sometimes they failed, as when the croupier of the Helter Skelter got himself scalded with the mulled wine, in an unsuccessful attempt to coax this formidable virago by a salute; and the excellent president of the Wildfire received a broken head from the keys of the cellar, as he endeavoured to possess himself of these emblems of authority. But little did these dauntless officials care for the exuberant frolics of Meg's temper, which were to them only "pretty Fanny's way"- - the dulces Amaryllidis iræ. And Meg, on her part, though she often called them "drunken ne'er-do-weels, and thoroughbred High-street blackguards," allowed no other person to speak ill of them in her hearing. "They were daft callants," she said, "and that was all - - when the drink was in, the wit was out--ye could not put an auld head upon young shouthers--a young cowt will canter, be it up-hill or down--and what for no?" was her uniform conclusion.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

September 10 2015 - the type God who sacked the serif, has just passed away . . .

Adrian Frutiger - here.
I started as a designer counting spaces, (and lines) when specifying lino-type. We now just extend fonts digitally, he wanted to slant Univers more in the beginning.
I LOve the guy! RIP

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Strangly, a repair done in the studio today - another O and X

Old style repair for a relatively modern little sign . . .

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Lunch - sometimes we take the easy way out. Another 0 and an X:

The Ashgrove Bakery to the rescue, curry pie with home-grown salad.

One more X and O image

Apple set-top box packaging

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Another condom pack for the collection, a gift from Scott Redford yesterday

The Gold Coast designer, business man and now contemporary artist - Paul Everest designed the pack I'm told. He's been here to the studio and we hit it off . . .
add to the previous posts here and here.

Monday, August 24, 2015

My first actual "inseparable" artwork - 1979 but it was never titled as one . . .

Paul Andrew was here looking at my artist_archive earlier this year. It seems that I have done all the work of documenting the artists that I have followed for over 40 years but I've never done my own chronology of works. I have to admit that the curators at Griffith University, Scott Redford & Barbara Heath have also been on my case. The visiting Polish artist and art historian, Marysia Lewandowska also pushed me when she visited the studio recently. Paul has requested I prepare an A4 page on the "inseparables" for his ARI publication. Download here.

In 2009 I did a blog post on Vile7 but never pushed my own piece, below. Here is an extract from that post: "Robert Jacks really tipped me into this exercise, other than numerous 'designed graphics' using rubber stamps, either illustrated of found - I had never made an artist book until this opportunity. This opened my eyes to the collaborative nature of the beast. I first seized upon all my early photographs and postcards of aboriginals, I've collected these from my first year at high school. I picked the strongest looking local fellow, I then xeroxed his body and rubber stamped his head - in red coloured ink.
As a metaphor for (spilled blood) . . . It was my first white boy statement about my view of colonial history and an early high-jacking (appropriation) of a 'black fella' card. Aboriginal history had been buried in white men's re-constructions. I knew of no local aboriginal art other than Kath Walker's writing and her family's activism. I had lived in a shared house with Marcia Langton and met her sisters and aunties. I wanted to make my own early art statement in their defence."

Tim Gruchy owns one other number of this impression-3 work, not consigned to the Vile 7 edition.

The indigenous artist Brook Andrew maybe used this postcard image in the work
entitled: sexy and dangerous from 1996
I've seen another more recent appropriation by someone but can't find it now . . .

Monday, August 17, 2015

An update on my 'pink' folder production

I have been collecting 'found' digital material in the public domain now since 1991 . . . in the early days it was used for my artist books where possible. I also augmented this material with items scanned from my own ephemera archive and my own artworks from a career in design.
I have also started reworking 'found' material along a 'pink' theme and these have been stored in sub folders of eleven high-res files. The one above is #547-6, thats the 6,032nd artwork so far.
Go back and search 'pink' in the blog to follow the progress . . .

Two recent X and O elements from artists I follow

Following hyper-realist work of Canadian artist - Kit King for a while now, she sells works online also.

Terry Richardson's Diary is king as far as following his most recent briefs and his snapped interests.

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Degraded surfaces, I have been reproducing these effects (in vector) for ages now

Here are a few from our last trip to Midlands, Tasmania. All from a collector friend in Parattah.

So what do we call these (found) crackelur patterns in mirror?

Porcelain takes on a certain interest when the surface is crackled, in the 12th century the Ru kilns near the Northern Song capital at Kaifeng were master exponents of the crackle glaze surface treatment in their monochromes. Much copied till the 20th century.
These below are English and European shards straight from the field.

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Two magazine stories bound into one post

My daughter Lil and her long-time childhood friend, Sophie Potter started sharing Kate Moss pics on their iPhone messaging and because of my Miss Moss interest, I have been the recipient of many of these pics . . .
I have also responded by
1) creating a Kate Moss folder and have been sharing these with Lil and

2) I have just culled all the past 7 years worth of Paris Vogue issues down to Bijoux & handcrafted material for out own studio resource.