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Friday, July 24, 2009

Armorie - an album for Arms,Crests, Monograms

Produced in London by Marcus Ward & Co (entered at Stationers Hall-1852). The only other element (other than the cut and mounted monograms) is the penciled-in price ($200.00) that I paid back in 1997 from a Sydney antiquarian bookseller; Richard Neylon. I've had these scanned for ages now and it was only last week that I noticed a Facebook friend and fellow designer in NYC; Angela Voulangas had recently also posted some monorgams from her friend's Victorian album here. Follow the link as Angela's writing is both insightful and interesting.

1 comment:

  1. what a STUNNING specimen! wow. This is fascinating because some of them are hand-colored? and they're really fun and whimsical.

    The specimen book I wrote about had all business and royal crests--very formal, all printed or engraved only. Also, as I'd surmised, the crests were probably bought specifically for pasting into the display album (rather than having been collected).

    Great scans too! Delicious!