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Friday, October 2, 2009

More 'o' or 'circle' graphics for download and further use

Found string twister disc from the c1940, one of thousands of finds I managed to extract from Naomi Berry, Fernberg Road, Milton.

The best popadoms in the same packet from the c1970s.

Saved this citrus tissue in the c1970s as well.

also from the c1970s, Untitled Postcards logo from Ken Harris' shop in NYC.

From Sydney late c1980s.

I can't say I used these trucks exclusively because I wore out too many skateboards to remember, a rock-steady graphic still in use today.

I saved hundreds of these industrial - rubber engravings, I cut up every parcel, package and box that arrived at the 'Fair Dinkum Graphics studio c1975–1978.

I met Ivan Karp in c1976, having a coffee in the kitchen of OK Harris I was blown away at all the O.K. graphics there. I remember I came back home and spent weekends polaroiding every O.K. sign in Brisbane and sent them over to NYC to boost the display.

Doug Taylor was a friend and fellow illustrator in NYC.

These expanding circles are from Bombay c1972, I spent 14 months there buying antiques in my early 20s.

Another string twist graphic from the collection of the Soden Sisters, Brisbane.

the reverse side of the previous Bombay business card.

String twist cut-out c1940s.

Turn-of-the-century newspaper clipping.

From the Melbourne antique store run by the Berry Family, Tomasetti Building crammed full of quality ephemera. I did spend two days there the first time I found it. This is a local sparkling soda folded card from Haig Street St Kilda.

Another found circle, rubber stamps were another early preoccupation.

A Victorian cut-out - a gift from my first antiques mentor, the dealer Harcout Howard.

Victorian drilled and diecut card.

Printed ephemera from Speakeasy, the shop at 13th St NYC run by Bob & Rita Brand, another home away from home.

Saved from the bin, biscuit and tea packets never went to the trash whole - I always taxed the interesting parts of the pack.

while both ends of the later foiled packs are harvested also.


  1. Thanks Malcom!
    some real beauties in your collection...
    love this kind of graphics...
    those amatuer radio cards were great too, esp the japanese tanker one...
    any apple stickers?

  2. Giday, just ripped thru your blog (as I stuffed my face with lunch), ah! some associated blog pals we both have . . . nice.
    I have terrific antique apple pack labels, I haven't started with the small apple stickers.
    Can't find how to be a follower of your blog?
    Have you been to Barbara and my viewersite blog on wordpress yet?
    Far more jewellery related stuff there . . .
    also we share Cathy Salter's Ning - Kit & Caboodle, that's nice.
    Cheers from mal E (+ Bh

  3. Great Stuff! I met Doug Taylor through a graphic designer friend of his, Michael Doret and had the privilege of meeting him at his studio in NYC back in the 80's. Lots of Fun Stuff. He was quite inspirational on my worx. I remember seeing a lot of his cards for Paper Moon Graphics.