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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Three shots of the second naive Australian colonial vesta

Just the rough initials, not even a rough strike area - I love it! What's it worth to you?


  1. great subject Mal,
    I really dig accoutrements!
    this one is my fav so far...
    hardly recognisable (to my unfamiliar eye)
    just like some funny monogrammed nut-bead really...

    (you dont happen to collect flint-strikers as well, do you??)

  2. Bit late in responding, David - just finished our first studio sale day, great result - strike a light! no, do you mean Larry the Flint or that David Flint fellow? In fact, I don't have a flint striker. I almost had one though, a shaman's pouch auctioned in London from the Gold Coast collector - Dr Peter Hallinan's collection. Pope Alice aka Luke Roberts bought it from memory . . .