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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

o.k this is the last match label (for the time being)

Thoughts of Ivan & Marilynn Karp and O.K. Harris in NYC with this one. Thoughts also to another New Yorker who posted some of the most savvy 1850's 'sartorial' portraits on her blog last week, these set my mind adrift to find all my early Brisbane portraits from the collection in response. Here's Angela's blog . . . I've been waiting to get to work scanning people rather than (peoples) tracks.


  1. David, we've been on our usual Jan drive to Tunbridge, Tasmania. We leave after the annual studio sale. Feb decided to stay and chip away at the place - no Tucson Gem Fair this year either - no Hong Kong Jewellery Fair also . . . the report is here: . . . only there's a few newer posts so dive in and scroll down to first post for the year - copulater