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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Child protectors from South Western China - Qing period items from Urban_Archaeology collection

This ornate silver repusee amulet with antique belcher chains and makers mark is made for younger children and was meant to protect them from all harm, the God of Longevity 'Shou Xing' here on this neck chatelaine is shown riding the deer or 'qilin' - holding the peach of immortality in his right hand. The 'qilin' was also used as an auspicious symbol for children as it was thought to have great wisdom, as well as symbolising a desire for a large family. The noisy appendages here are all good luck, health and safety elements. A valuable reference book is Chinese Dress from the Qing Dynasty to the present - Valery Garrett - Tuttle Publishing co - 13 978 0 8048 3663 0 - click here.

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