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Monday, October 11, 2010

People marked with a cross on group photographs

I count 24 crosses if you look closely at their attire + the two (X)'s

"Ruby marked (X), the other is me". This is a very early one collected, it is the start of the section entitled - (two women).

"Myself and 2 friends" in pen ink on the front of the card, 1903 on the reverse in pencil.

"This one was taken at the Highland Games - Emily". The pen writing is scribbled out with pencil on the reverse. There's a note on the back where I noted the names of other cards when found - "Bennett - King Island - Humphrey - Victoria.


  1. I'm late, but this is a beautiful post. Postcards as TOOLS. Lovely Jim Linderman

  2. Jim, I'm late too - thanks for visiting as I clamber through this crosses folder - more to come!