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Friday, February 25, 2011

Wooden raised printing block with condensed cap X (with ink residue)

Found in a great shop called 'The Drill Hall' in New Norfolk, Tasmania. This has been a great haunt of mine for ages, it is now owned - by two wives of the dealer brothers from Richmond. Tammy and Donna have seriously scaled up the merchandise with European/English imports. Entire trays of wood type all out of their sets and now available by the single piece - which reminds me, I have been a big fan of the Melbourne museum OF printing MMOP since it got up and running. Back when I started my career in the mid-1960's as a graphic designer I learnt the craft of metal typesetting in all those old forms, designing and specifying text and headlines by counting the characters and spaces and using the font specimens provided by the foundries . I love the recent resurgence of the wood block - long may letter press reign!


  1. Welcome back! I'm digging the X's. Keep it up. So, of course now, I'm going to see the letter X everywhere.
    Madame X,(i mean Mr. X)

  2. yum-- love the wood type. Did you see that someone is working on a wood type "letterpress" application for the iPad?? Silly and intriguing at the same time...

  3. Angela, I just updated the text with a link to the Melbourne Museum of Printing - you will enjoy that visit. I'll also watch for the iPad app (we both still love our MacBook Pros and iPods - so haven't broached the iPad as yet) Good though that they have fixed the wireless issues with the second launch.