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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The full circle and back to port for refueling and taking on supplies - Greenpeace's "sea shepherd" at Hobart wharf

The 'sea shepherd' logo . . .
I have had several skulls ready for a post for some time now. Both Barbara and I adore their seductive symbolism (not just death but way beyond death - re-birth even) and we have used skulls in our work and quite a few friends of mine share skulls on a rotational basis. Why even dear reader, you might have visited 'a skull a day' which is one of my blog listed favorites.
While in Hobart recently we missed the tour of this vessel, having reached the wharf almost the same time that the last visitor was piped aboard. Seeking donations to their anti-whaling cause, the boat was open to the public with cheery young things doing their best to engage the public in their cause. Here are a few pics stitched together (we would of both liked to have gone aboard).

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  1. Hi Malcolm, the link "few pics stitched together" apparently contains errors, and will not display. Cheers, Frank.