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Saturday, April 9, 2011

José in Dallas Texas writes - 'keep those crosses coming man"!

Too long between posts, sorry. Working in Brisbane and Tunbridge and Hobart and now back in Brisbane. I started to mine the big glass showcase upstairs for crosses and posted some wood block letters. Every antique piece of mark making material I have stored there - everything from a career of graphic design. Now I'm onto the stencil sets of alphabets (and numerals).

So surprised to open this taped pack of stencils, below. My first school was on Annerley Road Dutton Park (Dutton Park State School), I walked past this huge brick building every day with the smell of toasting biscuit as the Webster's factory was opposite the school. Maybe this was the start of my graphic design interest because I remember hand lettering this logo multiple times and playing with the shadow angles. It is burnt deep into my childhood memories, it wasn't until Grade 6 when I found out that you could go to the back of the factory and score a day-old cream bun!

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