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Monday, May 30, 2011

I've started to sort these Victorian microscope slides from the collection of an early Hobart Town owner

The glass slide above is a 'talking piece' rather than a scientific specimen, the small centre circle would require a x200 power microscope to show the severely reduced line drawing of the Lincoln Cathedral interior.

The London made Microscope is signed and had a person's name engraved on the stand base when manufactured: F. Abbott Hobart Town. The piece comes with numerous lenses and is cased in a lockable, traveling mahogany case. It came from a descendant of the first owner, I swapped it for a series of frames I designed and had made for their family in 1980.
I can't remember now if it came with 50 os so slides of all sorts of scientific data, mostly from Australian flora, some French slides of skin and medical parts and a set English diatomes (London clays) as seen below.

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