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Sunday, August 28, 2011

x4 shots, main desk at Brennan & Geraghty's store

Two things of note to followers world-wide; the gas light fittings are covered with that yellow fabric in the first three shots. I have no idea what it is although it might be a coloured cover to remind people not to bump into it? I do still remember gas light fittings because they were fitted to the colonial house we live in today, well one table light is still here as display. The other item to note is on the desk of the proprietor, to the right of the typewriter - a Bex powder, a cup of tea (and as the old adage goes - 'just take a Bex, have a good stong cuppa and a lie down'). The Invalid Stout was only offered to those worldy souls who had bucked the temperance ideal . . . the Solvol man with work-stained hands used this gritty soap cake, not the pen pusher who lived at this work station though?