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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Three paper records with their own hole (die-cut circle)

I'm bamboozled by these first two, what era? They're Australian and the third one I bought from an Austrian eBayer called Dr Zettel a few years ago. The 'golden records' logo is a knock-off of the London Underground logo, I remember the 'purple people eater' from the early 1960s . . . maybe?
So these are for posting through the mail . . . the third one is similar to the back of a postcard, ruled lines for an address and postage stamp.
 The first two have an area with To: and Best Wishes From:

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  1. Just discovered the same picture record in my deceased fathers record collection. I remember listening to it on special occassions as a small kid. Wonderful memories of a much simplier time. Hope you enjoyed your copy.