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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Two more dots - a p.(dot) and an a.(dot)

The p.(dot) is for Piero Manzoni and his tin of artist's shit as a multiple:

Some followers might realise that I opted for a design career when the rest of my budding artist friends went the fine art route. My career took off immediately and I ended up buying and curating contemporary art, it was where my salary and energy went for the next thirty years.
Around the late 1960s I found the 'conceptual' stream that focused on the new style of painting that led to performance and installation. About that time I was in two camps, the new abstraction and those painters who were experiential and not into skills development. I made a list of the 10 pieces of art that most held me captive - number 3 was this multiple.

Number 12 of the original series of 90 works is coming up in London next month. I saw an edition of this work in Sydney in 1990 that Rene Block brought to Australia. It remains an icon to this day, just thinking that over half of the edition still remains unexhibited at this stage - going from the Christies documentation.

The a.(dot) is for andreas slomonski who has a great work in the same sale, below:

I've been caught up with the 'audience gaze' for ages, how an artwork is viewed and the associated dialogue. Andreas' work is from the next generation of artists who show a total lack of concern for audience understanding at all.

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