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Monday, July 16, 2012

An artwork using four prints from a find in Toowoomba on our birthday weekend

A cross and three circles from x4 prints (all from the same negative).
Picture shows Walter Raymond Menzies who was the last owner of Clarendon House in Tasmania. He trained as a WW1 pilot just as the war ended.
Linda Clark from the National Trust of Tasmania has kindly supplied additional info:
Unfortunately I'm not sure I can throw much light on Mr. Menzies, other than what is in Clive Lucas's 1992 Conservation Plan for Clarendon. We do know his name, Walter Raymond Menzies, but not much else.
"'The House and 687 arcres of Lot 8 were bought by Walter R. Menzies in April1946 for 11,200 pounds. It was Menzies' intention to establish a thoroughbredstud farm at Clarendon. In particular Menzies wanted to breed hirelings from his famed racehorse 'Legislator' (Sporting Life, July 1950, p43). The Menzies never lived at Clarendon, which was pretty dilapidated by this time, but it was used by some of his estate workers. Upon Mr. Menzies death, the house and 9 acres of ground were gifted to the National Trust by his widow in 1982". 

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  1. Hey Mr Male,
    Thanks for dropping by and thanks for the info on the pattern. Knowledge is power and here I thought it was Afriican. Hope is well.