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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Keep you eye on the potty - muses Peter Tyndall

Both Peter & I (+ many other artists) have been exchanging visual puns now for over 30 years, his blog is there in my list and links to my favourite blogs, lower right column - bLOGOS/HAHA but you will have to delve deeper to find Peter's "merde, merde, merde - merde is the worde" response to my recent shit-in-a-can post.

My first 'shitty little joke' came to me in its original printed box when I was maybe 13, working for an antique dealer on the weekends, (Harcourt Howard). He knew how much I wanted it and he made me slave away refurbishing picture frames for an entire saturday in exchange for this piece. I learned to not show too much interest in things I intended to wrestle away from his house in Denham Street Clayfield after that . . . but back to the story - I have 6 other potty jokes but none with the original package so still today it was worth the sweat'ntears.

So back to Peter's question, why is the eye in the bottom of the chamber pot?
who is behind the joke (so to speak)?
Various versions are to be seen in this little potty lot:
"if you keep me bright and clean, I won't disclose what I've seen"
"use me well and keep me clean, and I won't tell what I have seen"
"keep me clean and use me well, what I see I'll never tell"

Two figurative potty jokes in the collection:

and a fitting flatulent finale, below:


  1. Interesting, I wonder too where the eye and the verse came from. Many years ago, in my factory employed days, my reputation for being a little artistic, saw me repeatedly painting the eye and the verse in bottom of chamber pots as wedding gifts...or was it perhaps for the hen party?

  2. Hey, did you just find this?
    well done!
    LOve from Brisvagas