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Saturday, July 21, 2012

The 'circle' in this post is the Channel O news logo from 1982, Brisbane Australia

Barbara and I opened two storage cartons of 35mm slides this week, the Heath family's European holiday archive. Her time with John Waterman, building their ocean-going yacht together and my early graphic design career client slides. Certainly some surprises amongst them. Early days at Schofield Sherbon Baker above, Des McWilliam the news director and me the creative director reviewing the 24 sheet posters that announced the campaign.
I don't think I was ever berated more by associates than when I was responsible for this piece of creative. The rule for a billboard was simple - (you have 3 seconds to either get the message or not) - well Jim Deane my writing partner and I embarked on full image boards. The client went with us on this venture but in the monthly national SSB review of business we were bagged.

Images were always to be deep-etched on a white ground . . .

Full bled images were a no no . . .

Partnering in a creative solution with a dynamic media department meant that we had sometimes 3 to 5 sites along a main artery, multiple news stings on air and support press that hammered the proposition,

I know in first ratings season the campaign lifted the channel enormously, we went on to win multiple art director's awards and had a long and profitable relationship. Des became the news anchor reader, Howard Saker went national and Paul Bongiorno went from weather to become a national political commentator.

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