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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

I needed the Alex's direct line to the President this morning . . .

. . . after the alarm downstairs in the studio went off while we were still in bed. I raced down to entry, turned off the alarm and checked all sectors (every one had gone off) - impossible. No forced entry anywhere . . . Then I moved to my work station and checked emails - no internet connection? I quickly did the network diagnosis - no modem - no router and no wireless network! After Bunch's departure I have been responsible for all the equipment and running this space station.

We are glad Alex is up there looking after us but he must have missed those solar flares this morning . . .

1 comment:

  1. From: Charlie Allom
    Subject: Re: Bunch in the teadlines again:
    Date: 22 August 2012 8:06:10 PM AEST
    To: Malcolm Enright

    god.. so long ago now.

    I am an avid solar weather follower, some days i think just for him.

    love from London.