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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Six essential bits of info and a hidden personal theme - another hand element

Barbour's Linen Thread
Satin Finish
Reverse (Z) Twist
Flax Trade Mark
Established 1784
Lisburn Northern Ireland
. . . and we think our labelling laws are strict!

I've always kept this piece in memory of the Australian painter - John Barbour
aka John de Silento - who I was very friendly with and was a custodian of one of his most important works until I was forced to sell my collection in 1999.

Below is the (notes) field in the database on the collection
and an image of my 1990 - Untitled painting:
See Agenda October 1990 Linda Marie Walker article entitled Scriptural Geography.
See Agenda again only earlier Volume 1 Issue 3 when Peter Tyndall And John de Silento did Immured in Space and The Look of Love. Immured in Space has a statement which alludes to his earlier figure of the dunce in the corner representing both his world view and the self portrait as a clarification of his concerns.
See Curb Your Dog Number 12 where John published two pages of text on “errors” and “ the centrality of the figure”.

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