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Sunday, September 30, 2012

I'm running late with our Ex-Libris design for Gael & Wim's show

BOOKPLATES UNBOUNDED Sat November 24 – December 2 2012. (opening 2pm on the 24th November). A printmaking project created by Gael Phillips and Win de Vos. I've made the deadline and off to digitally print up 40 of each design. Each artist invited will receive a folio of bookplates of the 40 separate bookplates designed and produced for the exhibition, a bit like the old 1970s rubber stamp shows I did with Bill Gaglione and Anna Banana - Vile 7.

Barbara's selection of personal motifs uses her favourite antique pattern from "A Grammar of Chinese Lattice" by Daniel Sheets Dye. Found and copied in 1875 in Chengtu, Szechwan - the pattern is a Man/Character and called 'Ice Ray'.  The pattern is centred by the Heaven/Earth/Man triangle. Barbara has way too many dog images and symbols but chose this image of 'Dog and its reflection" from Kalila and Dimna. Now in the public domain, this image from a Persian manuscript. The dog finds a morsel and runs away only to have to cross a waterway, on seeing his reflection he is moved to drop his find and attack the dog to gain the dog's morsel.

My devices are two old favourites, as my Chinese astrological charm is the OX I've chosen a graphic from the 17th century "the pen is mightier than the sword". I own the original bookplate this was taken from. The stencil set is a complete alphabet and I've scanned the X on the top of the pile.

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