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Thursday, October 18, 2012

malE - favourite girl shots from iPhone recently

See Barb in the centre mirror . . . Janet nee Gibson (Ms Planet) Mrs Jackman here from Palo Alto to see her parents

Madonna Staunton and mal E in the studio on a Sunday going through an entire family archive of photos and ephemera gifted to the urban_archaeology archive by Ray Norman - his Grand Father Harry's WW1/Masonic/Dairy Herd clobber


  1. Ephermeral Male remains, as always, a pleasure to look at! I hope all is well, Mal.-Jonathan

  2. Jon0oH!
    . . . thanks, back from surgeon - he got all the nasty IEC from face and neck (for this time). Its a roller coaster ride but hey thats life
    Always checking out your new posts also mate!