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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

I just might let a (local) retro dealer/collector have all but one of my mirrors

. . . except that all the Queensland mirror boxes are in Tasmania in the bathroom. Here is a shot of them when we took them down there, we didn't realise they are actually a local phenomena - not seen south of Lismore apparently.
The other French 19th century mirror is now above Barbara's Danish escritoire, (updated shot 1 and shot 2) we scored that from Salvage who imported it from Buenos Aires. The bevelled edge is deep and the shape is divine, it still is sans a frame and we love it.
All the ones below are on offer to Holly at "its vintage darling"

These two are 1950s Brisbane, Star Mirror Company chain hangers with 1940s original USA decals I found in NYC at Bob and Rita Brand's 'speakeasy' store in 1974.
My daughter Lil has had these hanging for 12 years or so and has returned them only - hey! I'm into Georgian mirrors now . . .

These other mirrors were shot in 2006 on the back deck when Lyn Hadley started with John in his mirror shop in Ann Street. Lyn came and checked out our older versions as part of her research into the category . . . these next four are all vintage and best examples, another one with original decals.

Three more shot in the house, all going to another loving collector . . . what better way to add to a collection than buying another collection.

Another large local three piece . . .

Shaped and bevelled Art Deco original in the library.

Another great 5 piece in great condition with decals.

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