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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

My digital 'Green Men' that I create just for me, here are a few recent ones

Ray Norman gave me a suitcase full of ephemera from his Mother's family home when she passed away. It was full of his Grandfather's personal history. H.J.Bower trained WW1 infantry men, his material was awesome including all the letters from boys he was a true father figure to, lots perished and many letters were full of admiration for his skills and his example set.

Jarred is a culture recorder in the USA, I follow his exemplary blog - in fact I used his high-res green man (the 13th) in the above work of H.J.Bower . . .

My original green man - (found) and with an altered tint . . .

Portrait from my colonial tinplates, reworked with a shot from our garden and Barbara's Mother's hanging stephanotis . . . digital prints can be ordered by sending me an email with a size request.


  1. Barbara Heath has sent you a link to a blog:

    All wonderful, but the last one is on my wish list - framed for a birthday present maybe?

  2. will do, its a large high-res
    how big do you want it . . .?

  3. 'My life has been united with trees, which I have considered as my equals, and in them I have seen my destiny' Miguel Angel Blanco.
    from Robert MacFarlane - The Old Ways.