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Friday, August 30, 2013

My Karl T. Staiger material has been swept up, documented and catalogued and parts were sold recently at the Melbourne Rare Books Fair by local dealer; Harbeck Rare Books

In the first of my two television appearances in Alan Carter's "treasure hunt" collectors show on ABC Television I opened up about the Staiger story - here.

Karl Theodor Staiger (died 5 October 1888) was a German chemical analystnaturalist and museum curator. Staiger worked as a chemist for the Queensland Government 1873-80 and worked with Nicholas Miklouho-Maclay. He was secretary to the Queensland Museum from 1876-79.[1]

This early Australian litho poster is extremely rare and in fantastic condition, although framed it never sees the light of day and is back in the 'tea collection' having been offered and returned un-sold. Here is the endorsement by Karl as a detail:

His medals and versions of his many pamphlets remain but a large proportion have gone both to the SLQ and the National Library of Australia - thanks to Harbeck Rare Books.

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