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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

The Launceston Examiner's reporter bailed us up working on the shop room, early November 2013

50 towns in 50 weeks is the theme: The island of Tasmania is mentally split between north and south and Tunbridge, where we live is the dividing line. People more south drink the Hobart beer and read the Hobart paper. The northerners drink the Lonnie brew and read their local rag. Even the municipalities are divided at the Blackman River - Northern Midlands and the Southern Midlands councils. So when the reporter strayed into the town she said we were the only people to talk to her. Everyone else is either out at the farm or inside out of the wind, it was the middle of the day also.

We own the 'General store' - a shop and residence, not the manor. The shot below is the only room remaining original, we have refurbished all the rest. Isabel Bird did a really good job shooting and rendering our conversations apart from these two blips - the full article is here as a download.

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