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Friday, March 28, 2014

Another Tasmanian find - Thomas Reid's 'recipe' book

First up - Monika & Kevin Keane run a great antiques and collectables shop at 78 High Street Oatlands, Tasmania. 03 6254 0020.
You need to basically be there daily to catch every new thing found and priced on the day. There are sections of that shop I go to immediately, old photographs, ephemera and prints. There is a story about the Reid material that I know some details of, another man bought the Reid family house and property in Richmond. He lived in it without changing anything, without even looking through the books and sheds. Kevin had aways wanted to get to the house and was told  - "ah, when I sell up you can get the stuff" . . . seems like to day came and another dealer got the house contents, Kevin scored the shed contents. Thomas Reid's school exercise books were so beautifully handwritten, geography, natural history and arithmetic work all set out in a very mature hand, he used these books many years later as grounds for this 'recipe book'. The 26 page .pdf is downloadable - here. A 5.26Mb file.
I've set out the title page and one other page as a teaser to download and view at your lea sure, maybe even learn something from old-timer's knowledge.

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  1. From: Monika Oatlands
    Subject: Re: . . . Tasmanian find:
    Date: 28 March 2014 5:25:24 PM AEST
    To: mal E

    Thank you so much for the lovely right up!
    Kev & Mon