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Sunday, January 11, 2015

X and O on flywheel tags

We are down in the midlands of Tasmania on our annual summer break staying at our 1856 shop and residence in Tunbridge. We have building restorations, paint removal and stain preparations ahead of us but we punctuate our efforts with visits to shops and bush walks.
Flywheel at New Norfolk has been a destination even before it opened as I follow Tammy on their Drill Hall blog. We managed to go there on our first free day last Friday.

Having been shop keepers we know how hard it is to manage the look and feel of an establishment, these three women do it first class, believe me. Please click the links and follow their prepared scripts to find out more. Their web is set for Android and IOS although I prefer the larger screen format.
My choice of their product should be no surprise:

I also bought this artist's palette, its French and it is my ninth in the collection although it will travel back to Brisbane, end Feb 2015.

1 comment:

  1. A perfect combination Mal. 9 artists' palettes? You will undoubtedly have lots of gorgeous splatters and blobs in your collection!!

    We're off to Tassie early next Mona etc....and up the east coast. I'll have to swing by New Norfolk too!