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Saturday, May 9, 2015

Delightful visit to Hazel Dooney's studio a few Mondays ago

My 'select eleven' set of (pinks) is dedicated to Ray Norman in Tasmania.
I randomly shot quite a few shots before Haze had noticed, then she suggested more possibles so my cut here is our selection - there are other (pinks) she has shot and uploaded on her studio blog - here.
Hazel's body of work is growing as is her c.v. and stature within the artist community, she represents herself now via her web as she has moved to control not only the work she decides to make but who she makes it for. I personally love her commissioned portraits; the thought and the human depth of experience behind the themes she explores and her absolute dedication to her craft.
[photo: malE/Anna/Hazel/Barbara, BrisbaneApril2015]


  1. Aww, thank you Mal. I'm touched. Perfect as is.

    xoxoxo to you and Bh (and you, Mum!)