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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Three scans from my 1975–78 activities

Interesting story, this blog's eight follower - José Cruz dropped in from Texas USA last Saturday after he noticed a circle graphic by Doug Taylor in a recent post. I quickly sent on a email to José saying Hi, it turns out that he is friends with Doug's NYC stable mate, Michael Doret. I met Taylor and Doret while on my holiday studio rounds during my second visit to New York in 1976. They were both spirited individuals (terrific blokes), open to discussion and we shared art & illustration techniques and business tips. Fairly recently I found and downloaded a group photo of designers and artists who participated in the Paper Moon enterprise from Lou Brooks' blog - I sent this on to José who immediately sent it on to Michael who sent back a great but cryptic message: Just tell Malcolm I said "FAIR DINKUM"!
So after all those years of sucking the sable hair brush full of drop-out-white pigment, Michael still has a great memory, he remembered my call sign and art studio's name. Three scans of material from that era, Michael Stewart's illustration and my design of our logo, L/Head plus two images from Mimmo's famous 1980's review of Australian trademarks and symbols of our unique culture. Page 33 and the cover.


  1. Great stuff! Thanx for sharing and Thanx for this Blog!