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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Arti Studio - Fair Dinkum Graphics closed October 1978, here's the artwork on the mailing announcement card

As a continuation and a final closure, I'm posting the Mike Stewart illustration used on the announcement. He also inscribed the drawing to my first wife and I. It was the art stool and desk we featured in the logo and many other pieces of studio graphics. From memory, key staff during those years were: Michael Stewart - Illustrator, Cherie Hemsley - Finished artist & designer, Michael Donato - Finished artist & designer, Frank Muller - Illustrator, my Dad (Dick Enright) and my sister (Lyndall Brigg) were the support staff. God only knows how many Art Director awards we either shared in or won in those three years . . . I pulled the plug on the business and went to Schofield Sherbon Baker as creative director soon after. Everyone, once over the shock moved up a few notches - both Michael's went to live and work in NYC while Cherie went off to agency land also. Last I heard everyone was still in the business.

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