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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Paris cabinet card dated 1875 with an interesting fly monogram

Tony Ward is a Melbourne Illustrator who has used a fly monogram since way before I first met him in 1975. His signature mark that he has made his own, as we say in this business "there's nothing new under the sun, Son".
Tony has built a cult following and I'm a proud supporter, click here. His yearly Christmas card and report of the year is an eagerly sought piece. Here is a larger .pdf downloadable image. His flickr archive is here.


  1. Mal =

    To Be Thought Of Each Time Someone Spots A Fly
    Is Some Sorta Fame Only An Ingrate Could Deny

    Blow Flies Doth A Summer Make 'Tis True
    And Big Files Are Surely An Early Sign Of Vous

    Greetings From Kuching