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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Malcolm McLaren is dead and strangely, spirit guards are the topic of today

Phil Brown wrote intimately about these little guys a while ago, the story is worth a click and a read. They came out of the cabinet drawers marked 'loaded', (that's our code for 'objects that serve a higher purpose', 'talismans' 'protectors' etc) and were shown at Artisan - a collection of different artist's favourite things.
Little man on the left even has minute earrings, well one . . . one is missing. Second from the left shows a spirit eating a child, the other two show spirits contorting themselves. These are strung with fibre string and tied to the papoose, where they 'clack' against the wooden edge making a bright report, loud enough to fend off any spirit. A loaded protector device.

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