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Monday, May 10, 2010

Below is a link to the powerpoint of my new (old) artist book, finished today

Recent found text and collected rickshaw images, here's the development pic:

Here's the cover:

Below is a detail of a found - collage, made of 19th century South East Asian stamps.

Below is one of the found photographs, re-used in the artist book.

Towards the end of last week, The Australian ran a piece on the Mayor of KolKata (Calcutta) - outlawing the practice of Rickshaw pullers. I have saved images, postcards and any ephemera relating to Ric-Sha boys for ages . . . then in mid 1980s Scott Redford picked up on them; in his word plays and powerful art works based on his (other) artist's muses - Sam Boy(d), Cot Death & Rick Shaw. I sort of made a mental note to create a set of inseparables or an artist book based on those images that I had collected and to dedicate it to Scott's Rick Shaw boys.
Well, the reported story was perfect as my found text, so finally the artist book emerged. A good part of the weekend spent scanning and setting up an InDesign file to produce 30 copies in house, I'll print out and collate at a future date.
Here's a couple of found images above and a (5Mb) downloadable powerpoint of the pages prepared - here.
My art collection database has 77 artwork entries, all the works of Scott that I once owned, this is a link to the third panel Men Face Ruin, of the three panel series - enjoy.

A host of Emails requesting more images to be uploaded - I'm always excited to find two of the same item and to examine them for their differences - the second has a caption, nice.

Another four randomly selected:


  1. From:
    Date: 14 May 2010 10:59:39 AM
    Subject: Re: I put this up on the ephemeral-male last night:
    Hi mal
    Thanks for that. Very nice of you.
    We must work on a book together hey.
    Hows about the Hero Boys refuse to Die in the manner of those beautiful signs you got (lower on page).
    They are some of the nicest I've seen. Love your tale of saving them.
    I could see those signs in those fonts. The 'refuse' could be like the 'dry' perhaps.
    Must come over with young Eric. He would love all your stuff. Have a look at Erics show at QCP, he's coming along.
    Also I am at IMA with Michael Zavros next show. Off to HK for the art fair soon.
    I'll look out for Rick Shaw stuff.
    love to you and B

  2. Some very interesting images Mal. Is the last one hand-coloured?

  3. Its bin a while since I've binear and there iz LOTZmore ... great!

    The MUZDA