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Monday, July 5, 2010

Recently purchased book created by a blog follower and Facebook friend: - The Handy Book of ' artistic printing'

Angela Voulangas and Doug Close signed my copy and sent it down under via air freight . . . click here for the virtual tour of the book.

I was drawn immediately to the production aspects, the content and the material brought to light by this duo of designers + their massed support, is both timely and much appreciated. I first scanned it for the production specs - "printed and bound in China" was all that was on offer in the printed text! The stock? It feels like there's a lick of clay although I think its an un-coated sheet . . . and the surprise is . . . (well not to me) - the choice of 150 line screen, the dot is held lightly throughout a large sheet-fed 4 colour process. The ink density is low, the reverse outs are not only so crisp, they are in pretty well, perfect register right through every forme. These scans must have been very high-res and the art, design through to the prepress is of the highest standard. Goes to show that in China these presses are brand new and they just accept the USA publishers's package. A lot of printing both in Australia and America is done on a shitty sheet and flooded with varnish . . . congratulations to everyone concerned. Now I'll just sit down and read this lovely thing! and report again.

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