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Monday, August 16, 2010

Early Queensland colonial clock fret pattern from Gympie

The name on the fret maker's rubber stamp is W. H. C. Niemann - Fretwork Maker - Gympie. The first image is of the entire piece laid down and scanned both sides. I've deep etched every small element missing, mostly due to folding and unfolding over 160 years. The newspaper backing is German but not the local German language paper of the time, this is from Germany. The brown fret master (left) is in English & German, it says; No. 771 Cigar-box. Hind-part. Side (2 times). Four-feet (put to the fore-wall). Fore-wall of the match-cup. Side (2 times). are unique plates. Bearer of the same. Little slice, plastered with sand-paper. Bearer for the same (to fore-wall). must be put upon p and q (2 times) in the corner, which p formed with the back. is to remain before p, upon the highest step. Watch-box (to hang). back. Bearer of the board c. Bearer of the roof e. (c and e nearly 11/4 large).

The local Chapter 104, National Association of Watch and Clock Collectors that I belong to is assisting the Pine Rivers Heritage Museum with a time-line and clock display - 12 November to 16 January 2011 at Old Petrie Town, Dayboro Road, Whiteside Qld 4503 Phone 07 3285 7213. As the designer and editor of the club's journal - Mainspring I prepared this for either their display or an article in the journal, as it wasn't used I thought I'd post it my design blog where I know it will be further enjoyed!

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