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Monday, August 23, 2010

Six c1940's ice-breaker cards into the urban_archaeology collection

Last Friday I'm working away and an email dropped in from Michael Allen, "Hi Malcolm, I was just about to list these on eBay the thought that maybe you might want then for your collection? They are Australian not British. Happy to accept $2.00 if you want them, Cheers Michael." I knew them to be 'ice breakers', novelty (dance) cards, they used to be sold in vending machines at film developing shops in the States, I'm told. I think from memory I have three stashed away somewhere. Needless to say I shot off an email to Michael, straight away. Just love it when dealer friends do the searching for you, I follow their web offerings on eBay but may have missed these? Again, thanks Michael (and Vanessa).

Has anyone read any Sci-Fi works by Robert A. Heinlein? Maybe this is the original source of the card idea? That story about the man who lived for a thousand years . . . immortal Lazarus Long who partied with ancient Gods and inter dimensional celebrities, his calling card was satanic on the reverse side and a saint on the front side, email me with your thoughts please?

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