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Monday, October 25, 2010

Another four postcards with marks, notes and info to share

A coloured photographic postcard with three descriptives in green ink. From around 1900 showing the main street of Brisbane, looking down Queen Street from George Street. Top right is the drawn flag pole on the old Brisbane Telegraph building, long removed but still in my memory of boy haunts (it was an afternoon newspaper) and had an observatory tower. The left hand front info says 'dopey fisho Bob' with an arrow too the man on the sulkey. The one on the right is even more vague ' bowie peters' . . .?

This building has also been demolished, it had to go as Alderman Clem Jones' riverside expressway was planned to run right over it in the 1960's as North Quay was opened up to concrete and steel pylons and pavement. I believe this shows the building in use during the first world war. Interesting that the photographer is noted: Brown and his address. The marks say 'verandah 1 2 3 4 and 5'. I noticed all the wires cris-crossing the building, they must have had a radio transmitter in there?

All I have to pass on about this coloured postcard is 'E & A Line, S. S. Aramac, 13,600 tons'. Quite old letterpress card with interesting typography with points and line all lead set.

25/5/90 - 'Dear Gordon, We have had a lot of very rough weather but so far neither of us has been sick. Colombo was very dirty but interesting. We will be in Suez on the 27th and off to see the Pyramids on the 28th. Great cruise despite the weather, the days seem to fly although we don't seem to do very much (except eat & drink). Best Wishes, Denise and John. To Mr G. Fallon c/- Lawrie's Marina Kawana Waters Qld 4575 Australia.

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