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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Five more postcards with arrows and marks from the collection

Double arrows showing the reader the way (to the harbour) . . . "There are very nice beaches on the east coast of Africa. Went swimming a lot at East London and Port Elizabeth. Ray." Just look at those sets and Ray just went paddleing!

These two are both prisons, purchased in Tucson from a great dealer who I never met: Charles Heckroth - PO Box 31510 Tucson Arizone 85751 Phone 520 296 1432. He had hundreds of cards in hundreds of categories, I cleaned up!
I've mentioned him before - a small circle stamp with a #15 inside.

The hotel postcard below was mined from the Heath family archive, sent home by Bruce Heath to Marjory, Suzanne and Barbara.

"us" stayed here it seems, "full of V.I.P.'s in Saville Row suits" it says. He does also mention "Bermuda jackets" so a satorial chap sending a postcard to Point Piper, Sydney . . . another no-date dick head though!
No date on the Chinese stamps either . . .

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  1. A great little blog I just discovered- thought you might like it-

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