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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Four additional arrows on these cards in the collection

'Dear Susan, I haven't been able to go for a swim because the water is too cold. The caravan is O. K. but a bit small. We are going to Byron Bay to day. Love from Jillian." One spelling mistake and one correction - a very young hand indeed.

This is an all-time favourite - "Stag supposed to leap from Mainland." The card is from Townsville, 1990 from Ron & Bron McBurnie . . .

"Ship docked near this bridge when I first arrived here." Dated 1996 and another card with an arrow from Ron & Bron McBurnie from NYC . . .

"Dear, Mal, You have made it to the half-way mark . . . just before me, congratulations! Have a great day and good luck and blythe spirits for the second half of the journey. With lots of love, Suzanne & Gary."

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