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Friday, April 15, 2011

Mr Fourex mascot

The historical truth has never been substantiated, Castlemain Perkins Brewery say the mascot was either based on the (then) General Manager - Mr Paddy Fitzgerald or a popular dwarf who sold newspapers in the Fortitude Valley in Brisbane during 1924. I know better because my Grandfather Mr Lol Hansen, had a furniture factory in Caxton Street in the early 1950s. He was a beer drinker and from his place of business we could see down to where the brew was made and bottled, the little mascot was on the building and I always thought it was him.
I actually hate this drop, it is full of preservatives but it remains the most popular local ale.
I have already posted a XXXX piece as a graphic but have never shown this rare promotional piece. The mascot has a famous wink, these sandwiched lenses have a cardboard pack and depending on the angle - I can still see my Grandpa winking.
A friend and neighbor in Tunbridge Tasmania is a retired second hand dealer, he passed this little pin on to Barbara for repair. It is unusual also because it is set with small Diamonds, I've bought and sold a few plain ones in my time collecting. We have repaired the pin and polished the little mascot and just prior to dispatch I made the scan and this post (which is a bugger really). This opens up another thought I have had recently - another category of focus on - anthropomorph, more soon when I show you my collection of "Ye Trusted Servant" from Winchester U.K.

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