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Saturday, April 16, 2011

The emblematic figure associated with Winchester College

I first confronted this figure in the front room of Harcourt Howard's residence, at Denham Street Clayfield in Brisbane. Harcourt had saved every book, flyer, card - parchment to paper - loose or bound in this one room all his later dealing life. On his retirement he asked me to assist his documenting everything as he was selling the contents at auction. Ye Trusty Servant & Winchester articles appeared during this process. I managed to buy up his little collection and have also been offered more from another family archive found by Jeremy Green in Toowoomba.
40 years on I still marvel at this romantically visualised creation.

You really need to read the text and review the Hircocervus at the same time.

The earliest piece is a heavy little W. H. Goss beaker, there is a later 19th C beaker as well.

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  1. This chappie must be the absolute antithetic guardian of WORLD SILLYweek and the compliant servant of all those who feign sensibleness, prudence and sagacity or am I wrong?