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Monday, April 18, 2011

Ye Trusty Servant - additional material in the urban_archaeology collection

Dated 1815, this scroll found inside the antique cylinder is in Latin & English and sets out all the students and honourary roles held within the custos. Passed down in the family, I did unfortunately miss the 18ct ponce from his desk at Winchester College (a student memento obviously) as the dealer kept it for himself.

Two small platters both hallmarked - 19th C

Segments of the original foundation oak of 1202 were cut up and made into commemorative letter openers in 1906.

Hard bound copy of "Trusy, our new forest pony '. Mary E. Buckland author with illustrations by 'my little nieces; Phyliss - aged 11 years and Ethel, Norah & Sybil Buckland. The green cloth cover has a deboss and a fine pony illustration, the story has a clever weaving of the servant's qualities, instructional in fact. Collectors should make use of everything that falls within the category don't you think?

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