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Monday, October 31, 2011

1987/88 publicity ephemera of mine, mainly to show Joey the Clayton Patterson cap

This was a DL mailer with a smaller fold as a first sheet, I've cut down the back and front - as you can see I've been hooked on X symbols for a long time. Joey sent an email response saying that he had done a "Clayton" post way back which is here. Below is my double perforated business card, both sides . . . showing one of the four Clayton caps I owned back then. My first one came from the Lower East Side, near Rivington Street before that became SoHo. I have a large jacket patch still in mint condition that I scooped from the Abyss Store in Chappel Street Melbourne, Sarah Thorn and Bruce Slorach were the first locals to latch onto Clayton's street wear. The other caps have fallen by the wayside, the last one was stolen at a gig, I'm still peeved!


  1. Those look amazing Malcolm! Thanks for posting.

    BTW: Here's a link to that post I id a while ago:

  2. Hi Joey, yes I've added that link and a few more choice words,
    cheers from downynder