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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Just when you thought it was safe to go outside

I find this on Joey's blog - for sale on eBay in fact. In the blog close-up shot I thought the stitching was the work of Clayton NYC from the late 1990s . . . heaven forbid. When I clicked onto the seller's site I found this:

Here are the vital statistics: (approx but real close) It's 57-1/2" from neck to hem....23" from shoulder to cuff....20" across shoulder in back...17" across chest..30" when measured flat on the front ...It is a Scene Mover Oddfellows robe used for theatrical presentations in the lodge halls. I am sure the other Fraternal groups (Masons, Knights Templar etc..) found this robe useful in their rituals as well. Manufactured by C.E. Ward Company, New London Ohio. This is a vintage robe that is in very good condition. There are no rips or tears and the cord is still attached as is the scary hood. This could be worn by a man or a woman...It's scary looking. What more do you need to know. Buy it now and have it for this Halloween. BTW... Yale's Skull and Bones society used such items in their rituals and no less than Humphrey Bogart made his first feature length film starring role in the production "Black Legion". As the actual group (in Lima Ohio..alleged to be businessmen who would meet in the Masonic Hall) made their 'neighborly' calls (protesting overgrown lawns and untidy garbage)...they were in costumes designed to conceal their identity and to strike fear in the hearts of those they visited... A great old piece for use or display.

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