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Thursday, February 16, 2012

A baroque pearl cross and a solid 22ct engraved gold ball

This just proves to me how circles and crosses are deeply imbedded into my existence . . . for my 50th birthday Barbara used elements in my collection to make me a 50th anniversary necklace. This was secretive and a complete surprise to me I must admit!
Barbara, Janis and Elizabeth (Lil) - 'the girls' conspired and did this using my own pieces that I had secreted away. My two best strands of quartz spheres, clear and smoky. My granulated beads, pierced spacers and half beads from Thomas Bodmer in Bali, my baroque pearl in a cross shape and a solid gold ball engraved with: " Our Soldier Boy 6-7-1949 Your Girls Always Love" . . .

I was reminded of this ball and cross when I wore the necklace to my friend's funeral yesterday. Having lived a full and rewarding life that was cut too short by Acute Leukemia, Graham See was an all-round nice guy - antique dealer, story teller and great family man. We all expected him to bounce back but fate had a different story to play out. Everyone misses you Grey!


  1. Bless Mr See! The slowest yet best antique restorer in the bizo. You would never have it any other way actually as his work was immaculate! His speed of service reminds me or dad getting his minnox film developed in a small town in Germany, name escapes me, back in the eighties. He would walk to the post office with his shaggy terrier, teabag, and pop it in the letterbox and 8 weeks later, a small package would arrive with his 8mm slides, developed expertly and exquisitely. Can't rush quality! :) mum was there somewhere in the masses by the way Malcolm! Will catch up soon! Justin

  2. Justin, I was about 6 rows back on the left with another elderly lady, Marjory Millburn. She wanted to leave by the front door so I missed the gathering at the back of the church. I did see Andrew Cumming who is a trained restorer at the London Guilds though, he did work for Pam for some years . . . thanks for the post and we are waiting for a chance to have a cuppa and return these things to Mrs B. (maybe a Monday is best for a visit from our end).