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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Twenty one circle designs all forced to fit the same pot lid and a base

Come with me on this and see if you agree? The same lidded glazed pottery piece could have contained the following: Bears Grease, Alexandra Tooth Paste, Areca Nut Tooth Paste, Hindoo Tooth Paste, Gorgona Anchovey Paste, Cherry Tooth Paste, Peruvian Hair Balm, Swift's Hair Regenerator, Mason's Indian Ceratum, Someones Heal-All Ointment, Cold Cream, Bloater Paste & Potted Bloaters . . . with no refrigerator, most people's kitchen was their wash place as well as their cooking space. With no electricity you could just reach up on the shelf for the tooth paste and smear the Bears Grease or for that matter the Potted Bloaters on your teeth, on your face and in your hair!
Memorable products appeal because of their uniqueness, a good package is supposed to break from the norm. Designers should lead not follow . . .


  1. oooh I like these!!
    "Potted Bloaters" sounds like me and my friends on a night out!

  2. so funny, I looked right through your iPhone pics and spied your 'artistic printing' opening pics - that was a well-deserved potted bloater!
    Thinking of your apartment search, Rick Meyerowitz (the famous illustrator) in Manhattan is now looking for another place to live. I first met him when he lived on Mott Street, then his 3 story brownstone in the Village, then his lovely apartment close to the Meat District . . . he says prices are soaring there.
    Hey hook up with him: >

  3. Love these! Is this a collection you have?

  4. Hi Julie, I have three of these and many more - the article I copied this from is filed though and a quick search hasn't thrown it up. Will send on when I find it . . .