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Friday, February 3, 2012

Two articulated snuff spoons came to light after a client asked to see inside the studio's bone drawer yesterday

I scanned this one both sides to show the articulated construction. Its the earliest piece I have made of ox bone and tortoise shell showing the praying priest with a boner.  The figure's right leg protrudes further becoming his penis (and spoon) while his left leg is sharp to a point possible used as a cleaner or (his other) prick?
Styling is surely 18th century cloistered clothing . . .
Very sweet object 90mm H - Urban_Archaeology Collection.

This lass is obviously a dancing flapper type of the c1920s era with both of her hands dished as small spoons, maybe for snuff but in that era it was more uppers & downers + the odd cocaine . . . delightful piece, here's the other side.
I scanned the net for offerings of these items and only found one c1900 Japanese Geisha girl very similar to the one above.

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