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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

A cross for Bricolage's Julie Reed

I know many of my Australian readers have jumped from 'my blog list' into Julie's nice blog just from following my stats, go here. I did think that ephemeral-male was part of her favourites list once but I seem to have been dumped, but then I have been away in Tasmania this past month, without posting.

I'm reading all the posts I've missed and found this very tin in a post from March 10 2012 - here.  As you know I try to only post items and articles from my own urban archaeology collection, this tea tin is a favourite. It was produced for the Lyons Tea Company and played on a catch phrase "All the year round - drink Lyons' Tea". 

The front panel is complex with three apertures where the date and month can be set, playing on the all year round theme.

I love the use of the faux George 11 shell and cross banding marquetry also.


  1. Beautiful photos!
    The cans are old, but beautiful.

  2. This is pretty cool - interesting to see what they have done with the graphics to make something new. Also, I haven't been doing a very good job of keeping my favorites list updated - I think I followed you, but hadn't gotten around yet to adding you to my list - I will!
    Right now, just so busy getting ready for a trade show - everything else in my life is suffering.......

    Thanks for the link and callout! I will be back to visit soon!

  3. Hi
    I'm acutely aware of your upcoming deadline, all fine.
    I dated the tin with the date that I posted the graphic, yes I'd like the connection
    and yes, its a pressure to keep up with this self-publishing phenomena - we all have to be aware of other peoples mindsets.
    Love your work
    mal E _ downunder

  4. Hi,
    Have finally updated my favorites to include your blog - sorry it has taken so long - I am just way behind and totally forgot! I did sign up as a follower, but haven't gotten into the habit of looking at my feed very often - if at all.
    Have you discovered Pinterest? Highly addictive, but wonderful for images and research. If you need an invitation, let me know - it takes longer if you sign up through the site.
    Hope all is well with you!